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Courtesy of Vanessa Hawkins.
Lisa Eichorn as Susan McFarlane and Vincent Riotta as Tom
McFarlane in 'Enduring Freedom' by Anders Lustgarten.

'Hatchet’ by Heno Magee

‘Roland Jaquarello’s production squarely confronts the violence.’
The Times

‘The playing in Roland Jaquarello’s production could hardly be better.’
The Financial Times

‘Wonderfully acted by this all Dublin cast, particularly by Colm Meaney as Hatchet and Chris Gannon as Ha Ha. It is excellently directed by Roland Jaquarello.’
Time Out

‘Naked’ by Luigi Pirandello

'The performances in Roland Jaquarello’s intense production are good but Cathryn Harrison’s and Mark Drewry’s are great.’
Time Out

‘30 Pieces of Silver’ by Howard Fast

'Roland Jaquarello’s direction is elegant with a nice touch of the abstract and intelligent performances.’
The Times

‘Roland Jaquarello’s sparse production and the fine performances from his cast really give you the sense of just how McCarthyism got under the skins of people.’
Time Out

'Hinkemann' by Ernst Toller

‘Ray Winstone gives a sensitive performance as the anguished Hinkemann struggling against humiliation and rejection with soul-searching moral dignity.’
Time Out

‘That a cast of thirty can be managed in an above-pub theatre is something of an achievement. That the direction ( Roland Jaquarello) is both clear and imaginative is a great feat.’
The Independent

'After The Fall' by Arthur Miller

‘One reason for the success of Roland Jaquarello’s production is without doubt his meticulous fidelity to Miller’s intentions.’
The Independent

'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' by Tennessee Williams

‘The best thing Jaquarello has done at The Lyric’
The Stage

‘Escurial’ by Michel de Ghelderode and ‘The Man with
      the Flower in His Mouth’ by Luigi Pirandello

'Both plays directed by Roland Jaquarello are given depth and clarity by the performances of Tim Woodward as the mad king, chewing his thumb and groaning in self pity and as the man with the flower, an angular impassive figure who gradually unleashes the storms raging inside him.’
Evening Standard

'The Death of Humpty Dumpty’ by Graham Reid

'Untidy, stimulating, ugly, cruel, sensitive play, brilliantly produced by Roland Jaquarello.’
The Scotsman

‘The performances under Roland Jaquarello’s direction, are finely observed, notably Dan Gordon as the victim and Mike Dowling as a fellow patient.
Evening News

'Greek' by Steven Berkoff

‘A powerful and impressive interpretation under Roland Jaquarello’s sharp direction.’
The Stage

'The Man with the Flower In His Mouth' by Luigi Pirandello

‘A splendid production, nicely paced and full of light and shade’.
Time Out

‘Roland Jaquarello directs with a sensitiveness I respect’
The Daily Telegraph

‘The Iceman Cometh' by Eugene O’Neill

‘Roland Jaquarello’s fine and steady production’
The Times

'All My Sons' by Arthur Miller

‘It is the merit of the production that even the most minor role is registered and firmly slotted where it belongs’
The Stage

'George Dandin' by Moliere

‘Jaquarello’s production works because - beyond its farcical invention-it seizes the two big opportunities of leaving farce behind’
Independent on Sunday

'The Honey Spike' by Bryan MacMahon

'Notable performances in this production by Roland Jaquarello. Brid Brennan is outstanding as the pregnant tinker girl determined to have her child in ‘The Honey Spike’ or lucky hospital’, hundreds of miles from the Antrim coast.’
The Scotsman

‘Flashpoint’ by Tom Kempinski

‘Roland Jaquarello’s production and cast rise aggressively to the occasion.’
City Limits.

‘Roland Jaquarello’s excellent revival’.
Time Out

'Enduring Freedom' by Anders Lustgarten

'Heart, urgency and thrilling lick of the new.....this feisty production'
Time Out

'With a backdrop of stonewashed US flag and soundtracked by Springsteen, Dylan and Young, 'Enduring Freedom' is a thoughtful meditation on loss and differing notions of patriotism.'
Morning Star

'Led by Roland Jaquarello, his confident interpretation brings power to the piece.'
Extra! Extra!

'Reeling' by Jeff Thomson

'A carefully crafted contemporary drama intelligently performed.....great credit goes to Roland Jaquarello.'
Eastbourne Herald

'Jeff Thomson's intimate play enjoining the remains of child stardom with the hunger of the media to pick over it's bones is lovingly conceived.'
The Argus

'Swimming At the Ritz' by Charles Leipart

'Directed with a deft touch by Roland Jaquarello.'
Eastbourne Herald

'Felicity Dean was flawless in her delivery of Charles Leipart's priceless and hilarious two hander.....while Roland Jaquarello's stunning direction helped create this shimmering snapshot of someone who, down to her last 20 million must finally resort to choosing between Moet and Dom Perignon.'
The Argus

'Where The Shot Rabbits Lay' by Brad Birch

'There are lovely grace notes in Brad Birch's intimate father-son tale. Andy Robinson's abstract set sets the tone.....Director Roland Jaquarello is careful not to over impose'.
Time Out

'Brad Birch's thoughtful portrayal of human relationships is both honest and touching.'

'The acting is a real pleasure.....Peter Warnock, empathetic as the man, his sense of self truly shaken by divorce and teenager Richard Linnell as his son, struggling both to navigate his place in the family and make some sense of his father's actions. Sensitively directed by Roland Jaquarello.'
Remote Goat

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